Recommended Links

In the Age of Information it’s nearly impossible to distinguish what’s useful and what’s not.

To help you through that, I’ve curated a list of all links I’ve found to be both relevant and useful to our time.

While there’s no promise on the type of content on this page, there is a 100% guarantee you will learn something interesting.



Joseph Wells - ‘Escaping the Waiting Place’: Waiting is so goddamn fun. You have all the plans, all the right answers, and know exactly how things will turn out. At least you think you do. Once you actually start doing something, you realize everything you thought you knew was bullshit and the only thing to do now is figure it out. Waiting is dreaming and dreaming isn’t doing. Knock some shit around and see what happens. This is a great reminder that nobody ever accomplished anything by thinking about doing it.


Jon Finkel - To 50: Sometimes you read something and you can’t help but smile. Finkel brings me back to playing in the driveway with my siblings and parents and reminds us that no matter how old you get, dads never lose.


David Perell - The ‘Never-Ending Now’: After reading this short essay I deleted my Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Reddit accounts as well as deleted the Twitter App off my phone to reduce consumption. In a culture that promotes what’s new and what’s now, a mind that is able to escape the now can find the principles and ideas which are timeless rather than the ones that are popular.


Tony Stubblebine on Turning Your Phone Into a Tool: Phones are the biggest culprits of distraction from meaningful work. Meant to enrich our lives, they turned into a way for contacts and advertisers to have access to us at every waking moment. Stubblebine writes a detailed article full of actions you can take right away to limit distractions and decrease your screentime. After following a most of his tips I reduced my screen time over 40% immediately and it’s been decreasing ever since.







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